O'Neill Family History  - ONeill Genealogy Ulster Ireland  to Ohio
Henry O'Neill & Nancy Lee O'Neill Immigrants from Ulster Ireland

O'Neill Genealogy
O'Neill History: Henry & Nancy Lee O'Neill, immigrants from Ulster Ireland to the United States of America.O'Neill Red Hand - O'Neill family History
Henry O'Neill the immigrant was born in Ireland (Ulster) the Northern Division of Ireland May 26,1753.  He married Nancy Lee in Ireland.  The immigrated to America and settled in Carlisle PA and stayed there a number of years.  It is known they were in Rootstown in 1802 and his first purchase of land is recorded in 1807 (This is about the earliest Portage County records) so exact date is unknown.  About 1810 they moved to Hocking County Ohio.  Henry O'Neill died February 6, 1829 at 4:00 PM.
Nancy Lee O'Neill died January 20,1831 at 9:00 AM.  Both are buried in the O'Neill cemetery (now a township cemetery) located high on a hill.  There is an iron fence around the plot and there are headstones for each, Henry's bears the square and compass of the Masonic Order.  
(Tombstone symbolism:  Seen as an important symbol of life, hands carved into gravestones represent the deceased's relationships with other human beings and with God. Cemetery hands tend to be shown doing one of four things: blessing, clasping, pointing, and praying.      A hand with the index finger pointing upward symbolizes the hope of heaven, while a hand with the index finger pointing down represents God reaching down for the soul.      Hands holding a chain with a broken link symbolizes the death of a family member. The hand of God plucking a link of the chain represents God bringing a soul unto himself.    A hand holding an ax means a life cut short; sudden death.     A handshake represents a farewell to earthly existence and God's welcome into heaven. If the sleeves of the two hands are masculine and feminine, the handshake may symbolize holy matrimony.     Two hands, with middle and ring fingers separated, are the symbol of a Jewish blessing — this signifies a Kohen, a descendant of Aaron. )
There are 9 children in this marriage:
James O'Neill born  in Ireland Decemer 31, 1776, Married Ruth Donaldson
Stiles O'Neill
John O'Neill  married Abigail Chapman
Charles O'Neill
Martha O'Neill
Nancy O'Neill
Margaret O'Neill
Jane O'Neill
Thomas O'Neill born in PA June 10th 1792; married to Nancy Ann Lee.
The wills of Henry O'Neill and Nancy O'Neill mention the names of their children.  When Henry O'Neill died there were supposed to be 7 Henry's named for him, probably grandsons or at least close relatives if not grandsons.
James O'Neill, eldest son of Henry and Nancy Lee O'Neill was born in Ireland December 31, 1776.  He came to America with his parents and settled first in Portage County and in 1810 settled in Starr Township, Hocking County Ohio.  The history of Hocking County states the first marriage in Starr Township was that of James O'Neill and Ruth Donaldson, howeverthis is listed under  Haydensville-Green Township Starr P.O. No date of the marriage  is given.  Marriage records in Hocking County begin in the 1818 and Henry O'Neill's  land was scattered through what is now Athens, Hocking, Washington and Vinton Counties, it is possible this marriage may be recorded in one of those counties as the present boundry are quite different.
Book 3 of Hocking County land records show Henry O'Neill deeded to his son James 80 acres ofland in 1812.  James, if not a civil engineer laid out Logan, now the county seat of Hocking County.  There is not a complete list of their children land records in Hocking County prove the following three children.
January 27, 1845 James O'Neill and his wife Ruth Donaldson deeded to their son James O'Neill Jr. by quit claim for love and affection 80 acres of land.
March 3, 1851 James O'Neill and his wife Ruth deeded by quit claim 40 acres of land to Phoebe O'Neill now Phoebe Lincoln as he full share of her fathers estate.
August 8, 1854 James O'Neill and his wife Ruth deeded 65 acres of land to Luthur O'Neill his full share of his fathers estate.  There was  no will probated in Hocking county for James O'Neill.  James O'Neill died March 22, 1850 as shown by John O'Neill's bible aged 75 years 2 months and 22 days.
In 1815 James O'Neill erected a saw mill and built a dam on the O'Neill farm for power; later moved to opposite bank of the Racoon and called it Mill Run.
Refer to Hocking Valley (1885) Volume 2, pages 1039-1044 for more.
The 1840 U.S. Census lists 6 sons and2 daughers of James O'Neill

Stiles O'Neill, son of Henry and Nancy Lee O'Neill was born in Ireland came to America with his parents in 1791.  It is not known whom he married, but the bible of his brother John states he was born in 780 and died when he was 35 years old, it also states his two daughters were born here, (Jane and Dorothy).  Hocking County Records show a transfer of 60 acres of land from Dorothy O'Neill and Levi Turner and Jane his wife all of Akron to Martha Lee, being land owned by Henry O'Neill and by him devised to Jane and Dorothy O'Neill heirs of Stiles O'Neill.
Dorothy O'Neill born: August 29, 1812
Jane O'Neill born June 12, 1815 in the morning 9:00.
Smarthome, Inc.
 John O'Neill son of Henry & Nancy O'Neill
John O'Neill son of Henry and Nancy Lee O'Neill was born in Ireland March 22, 1785.  He came to America with his parents about 1791.  arriving in Rootstown, Oh about 1800.  He married Abigail Chapman the only daughter of Nathan and Lois (Ely) Chapman who came with her parents from Bolton, Conn.  about 1803-2804; their marriage is recorded vol1 page 16 of Portage County Records of marriages; this doesn't mean it is the correct date of marriage, as records of marriages didn't start until 1810.  The ceremony was performed by Robert Campbell J.P.  They went to Hocking County, Starr  Township states  teh first child born in the township was Henry O'Neills  son of John and Abigail (Chapman) O'Neill.  May 1812 Henry O'Neill deeded to John O'Neill 60 acres.  August 1835 and November 1836 John and Abigail O'Neill sold property on HockingCounty as shown by records and it is supposed they returned to Portage County about that time.  This is further brought out by Portage County Land records showing transfers to John O'Neill from 1834-1840.  When they returned to Portage county they lived on the west side of Muzzy Lake where they lived until their deaths in 1869.  
The John O'Neill bible is in the possession (1935) of Ray Trapp, Parma Heights Ohio and the  births recorded in the bible are  as follows.  
Maria O'Neill born January 19, 1807 ; never married died September 27 1854
Henry O'Neill born September 29, 1810 at midnight
Nancy O'Neill February 14, 181 at midnight
Thomas O'Neill June 24, 1815; died Feb28, 1835
Lois O'Neill Born March 17, 1818 between 8 and 9 in the evening
Francis O'Neill Born December 17, 1820 about 10 at night
Lewis O'Neill born June 9, 1823 about 3 in the afternoon
Almena O'Neill born December 28, 1825 between hours of 8 & 9 at night.
John O'Neill born Feb 25, 1831 about daylight.
Harriet Mathilida December 27, 1833 between 5 and 6  in the evening
Marilla December 23, 1824 between daylight and sun up.
In 1828 and 1829 there was a boy and girl stillborn.
Abigail Chapman O'Neill died April 19 1869 and John O'Neill died July 31, 1869.  Both are buried in lot 27 in Homeland cemetery Rootstown OH a single marker for both, weather has badly defaced the letters.
Thomas O'Neill who died February 22, 1834 at 12 in the day is buried in the old cemetery in Rootstown directly across the drive  from his grandfather and grandmother Nathan and Lois Ely Chapman  There is a headmark .  It is not known where Maria is buried.
Charles O'Neill son of Henry and Nancy Lee O'Neill  there is a Charles O'Neill buried in the O'Neill cemetery at Starr near the graves of Henry and Nancy O'Neill who was born in 1790 and died in 1846.  whose wife Polly  ? born 1794 died 1825 these dates are on the headstones.  
Their granddaughter Katie Suradin is buried beside them and her tombstone bears the dates 1842-1898.
The Hocking County land transfers show a deed from Charles and Polly O'Neill of Athens County dates August 15, 1817 transferring property in StarrTownship to Thomas Bradford.  Charles and Polly O'Neill were shown in the census 1820 were in Athens County had 2 sons adn 3 daughters. There are several graves without stones on the same lot with Charles and Polly O'Neill in the O'Neill cemetery at Starr.
Martha O'Neill daughter of Henry and Nancy O'Neill was born October 8, 1800 died August 15 1866 aged 65 years 10 months and 5 days.  as shown on her tombstone the O'Neill cemetery.  at Starr.   Martha married George Lee  May 24, 1819 as shown by Hocking County Records. It is not known for sure of their children, but a visit  to the O'Neill cemetery at Starr in July 1969 we found the graves of Henry and Nancy Lee O'Neill in the family plot (enclosed with a cast iron fence) and in a row beside them  Martha Lee wife of George Lee died August 15, 1866 as above noted and Julia a Lee 1831-1914
Nancy Lee March 11, 1823 - March 15 1901 aged 78 years 4 days
Samuel Lee May 17, 1822 - July 11 1892 70 years 1 month 23 days
Ross Lee June 24, 1826-September 7 1901 aged 75 years 2 months and 13 days.
It seems logical these are the children of George and Martha O'Neill Lee.
Nancy O'Neill presumed to be the daughter of Henry and Nancy O'Neill as mentioned in will was married to Joseph Campbell of Hocking county records.  The date of the marriage Nov. 2, 1845 as this seems to be a later date than the daughter of the above named parents would probably marry as evidenced by the marriages of their other children, there is a possibility this Nancy is a granddaughter rather than a daughter of Henry and Nancy O'Neill; if so there is no record of their daughter Nancy.
Margaret O'Neill daughter of Henry and Nancy Lee O'Neill born ?  Married Jesse Donnelly August 3, 1823 of Hocking Co. Records.  They had but one child "Wash" Donnelly who went to live with the Indians, it is thought by choice and nothing more is known of his life or of this family.
Jane O'Neill daughter of Henry and Nancy Lee O'Neill born married Nimrod Hathaway February 15, 1821.  Jane Hathaway died prior to 1828.
Thomas O'Neill son of Henry and Nancy Lee O'Neill was born in PA Carlisle Vincinity June 10, 1792 married Nancy Ann Lee born ? 1817.  Nancy Ann Lee was the daughter of James Lee who came to Vinton County in 1816 and was born September 10 1794 and it may be assumed they were married in Vinton County but no search has been made in that county.  
Thomas O'Neill died October 30, 1868
Nancy Ann Lee O'Neill died September 13, 1873 Both are buried in the O'Neill cemetery at Starr two headstones.  Also a stone for their daughter Martha (36) who died Jan 7 1850 aged 17 years.  11 months and 26 days.  as well as a headstone (31) Alvin 1829-1863 and his wife Desire Morse O'Neill 1832-1927.
9 Children:
Lafayette O'Neill
Thomas O'Neill
Alvin O'Neill
George born 1822
Rosanna O'Neill born 1820
Elizabeth O'Neill born 1825
Lovina O'Neill born Sept. 25, 1825-December 10, 1916
Martha O'Neill born January 11, 1832 - January 7 1850
Joseph O'Neill
Third Generation:
James O'Neill Jr. son   of James and Ruth Donaldson O'Neill
Married Rachel  Aubrey February 13, 1840 they resided in Fremont County Iowa
Phoebe O'Neill daughter of James and Ruth Donaldson O'Neill
Married Henry Lincoln Feb. 3, 1848
Luther O'Neill son of  James and Ruth Donaldson O'Neill married Nancy Ketchum July 5 1852
Dorothy O'Neill presumed to be daughter of stiles O'Neill born Aug. 29, 1812 (O'Neill family bible)
Jane O'Neill presumed to be daughter of Stiles O'Neill was born June 12 1815 married Levi Turner
Henry O'Neill son of John and Abigail Chapman O'Neill was born Sept. 29, 1810 at midnight.  He married Amanda Bishop
2 children  Thomas O'Neill born Sept. 1, 1834
Louisa O'Neill born June 23, 1844; died Jan. 27, 1845
Amanda Bishop O'Neill died December 30 1846 for his 2nd wife he married ? Spriggle.   They lived in Cuyahoga Falls OH.
Nancy O'Neill daughter of John and Abigail Chapman O'Neill was born Feb. 14, 1813 at midnight; she married John Myers Feb. 14, 1841 and they built a home on South Sycamore St. Ravenna, OH were the Oak Rubber now stands.  Later they purchased a farm on East Lake St. at the corner of New Milford Road in Ravenna Township where they lived the remainder of their lives.
Nancy O'Neill Myers died April 26, 1882 John Myers died Feb. 23, 1888 both are buried in Maple Grove Cemetery Ravenna,OHLot 788 Sec. 18.
John Meyer (Later spelled Myers) was born in Germany July 23, 1815 of a French mother and a German father in Alsace Lorraine.  The family came to America between 1824 and 1827 coming on a sailing vessel it took 3 months or better to make the trip, coming sight of land several times and then being blown back to sea.   His mother and only sister died of yellow fever and were buried at sea.  Four brothers survived, martin married and lived in Wisconsin.  Aaron Myers who lived in Marlboro, OH (Stark Co.) had one son and one daughter.  Anthony and his wife Catherine (who married in Stark Co. lived in Fort Wayne Indiana had one son.  John Myers father Jacob Meyer (Myers and his hunchback brother Bolrhonour (German spelling) who died when he was 18 both are buried in the cemetery at Louisville, Oh not far from Canton, OH.  Jacob Meyer married Mrs. Catherine Buell November 10, 1829 Stark Co. Records.  and the step-mother saw to it that the Meyer boys were thrown out to fend for themselves.  John was about 10 at the time and when he was asked his name, said Johnny Meyers and Myers it was from that time.  He was taken in by the King family (Joseph King-Alcorn) until he was grown.  
4 children:
Amelia Myers born November 14, 1841 ; died May 11 1926
Lewis Myers born February 10, 1844; died February 23, 1921
Edward Myers July 8, 1849 : died April 2, 1899
Ely Myers  March 18, 1853 died October 27, 1903
Thomas O'Neill son of John and Abigail Chapman O'Neill was born June 24, 1815; died Feb. 22, 1835 and is buried in the old Rootstown cemetery near his grandparents Nathan and Lois Ely Chapman.
Lois O'Neill daughter of John and Abigail Chapman O'Neill was born March 7, 1818; Married Loranzo Darrah July 6, 1841  The O'Neill bible spells the name Derow, County Records Darrow and the family went by the name Darrah.
4 children
Ed Darrah
Abigail Derow born April 27, 1842 (the only child of this family recorded in the O'Neill bible)
Mary Darrah
Harriet Darrah
Lois O'Neill Darrah died of cholera August 13, 1873 and is buried in lot 56 of Maple Grove Cemetery Ravenna, OH The O'Neill bible lists her death as Lois Derow aged 55 years 5 months and 6 days.
Francis O'Neill son of John and Abigail Chapman O'Neill was born December 17 1820.  On October 8 1853 he married Abigail Ann Myers who was born October 3 1825
3 children
Frances Martha O'Neill born August 13 1854
Lydia (Lizzie) Estella O'Neill born April 2, 1858
Helen Alice O'Neill born June 28 1863
Francis O'Neill died June 27 1878
Abigail Ann (Myers) O'Neill died December 27 1898 Both are buried in Maple Grove Cemetery Ravenna, OH lot 354
Lewis O'Neill son of John and Abigail Chapman O'Neill was born June 9, 1823; married Mary Phillips August 16, 1843.  Mary Phillips was born in Wales in 1823 daughter of Daniel and Sophia Greenwood Phillips.  Lewis O'Neill was a farmer in Ohio moved from the west half of Ravenna to Oshkosh,Wisconsin 1861.
4 Children
William O'Neill born 1845 in Rootstown, OH
Sophia Louise  May 12 185 in Rootstown, OH
George O'Neill 1854 ; married at Dundee NY Elizabeth ?  (No children)
Charles O'Neill born at Rootstown OH 1858.
Lewis O'Neill died at Utica Wisconsin April 4, 1913
Mary Phillips O'Neill died October 7, 1883 at Utica, Wisconsin

George Darrow Rootstown died August 27, 1850 Age 9 months son of Alonzo and Lois O'Neill Darrow
Almena O'Neill daughter of John and Abilgail Chapman O'Neill was born December 28, 1825 married George Gaylord of Cuyahoga Falls, a widower with several children.  George Gaylord was killed in an accident at the Monroe falls paper mill.  Almena had no children of her own but  mothered three, Walter, Frank and Kate Gaylord.  
Walter Gaylord married the daughter of Mathilda O'Neill Green (see later) Walter Gaylord died and when Sarah Green Gaylord died their only child (a daughter) went to to Ionia, Michigan to her Aunt Celia who raised her.  
Frank Gaylord and Kate Gaylord moved to Ionia Michigan
Almena Gaylord died Jan 22, 1822.
John O'Neill son of John and Abigail Chapman O'Neill was born Feb 25 1831 married Susan Elliot December 25, 1864.  They lived all their lives in Ravenna, OH at the corner of Harris and Sycamore Street.  John O'Neill died of pneumonia November 29, 1913 (82 years of age) Susan Elliot O'Neill died August 23, 1917.   Both are buried in Maple Grove Cemetery Ravenna, OH Lot 381.
7 children
Emma Mandy O'Neill born December 30, 1865 ; Married Albert Roswell
Lois Mary O'Neill born Sept 10, 1870; married M.P. Tate
George Francis O'Neill born September 27 1874 ; married Margaret Carpenter
John Lewis O'Neill born April 8, 1878 ; married Rose Palm
Albert Elmer  O'Neill born October 20, 1889; married Mrs. Theiss
Otis Webster O'Neill born August 27, 1884 ; married twice Fanny and Margaret.
Myrtle May O'Neill born April 8, 1886 ; died March 25, 1887

Harriet Mathilda O'Neill daughter of John and Abigail Chapman O'Neill was born December 27, 1833 in the morning Married Phillip D. Green June 28, 1850.
One daughter Sarah Green born Nov. 22, 1856
Mathilda Green a widow may years died September 11, 1911 and is buried in lot 562 by the side of her husband.
Marilla O'Neill was born Dec. 23, 1824; married Agrippa Lord May 6, 1885 She died and is buried on the same lot with her parents John and Abigail in Homeland Cemetery in Rootstown.

Lafayette O'Neill son of Thomas and Nancy Ann Lee O'Neill born ? ; married Patty Eggleston May 8, 1851  2 children
Benjamin O'Neill
Asahel O'Neill

Thomas O'Neill son of Thomas and Nancy Ann O'Neill born ? ; Mary Pinney who died March 27 1875 aged 37 years 2 children
Rose O'Neill born Dec. 3 1868
George O'Neill born? ; married Ella Scott
For his 2nd wife he married Nancy Craig.  There were no children in second  marriage.

Alvin O'Neill son of Thomas and Nancy Ann Lee O'Neill born 1829 married Desire Morse October 19, 1858 .  They are buried side by side in the O'Neill cemetery at Starr Oh,  2 children
Thomas O'Neill born ? ; married Evalena Bragg 2 children
Nina O'Neill born? ; married Thomas Brown 5 children

George O'Neill son of Thomas and Nancy Ann Lee O'Neill born June 9 1822; died May 4 1884 aged 61 years He never married.

Rosanna O'Neill daughter of Thomas and Nancy Ann Lee O'Neill never married but was a noble woman and gave freely of herself to her family.  She raised Rose and George O'Neill the children of her brother Thomas when his wife Mary Pinney died in her early womanhood.  Her memory is still held in high esteem, not only by those remembering her  but by there progeny also, because of the love born her by their elders.  

Elizabeth O'Neill daughter of Thomas and Nancy Ann Lee O'Neill ; married Albert Lincoln April 2, 1846 , They moved to Iowa. 7 children
Elizabeth Lincoln
Martha Lincoln
Benjamin Lincoln
Alvin Lincoln
George Lincoln
Thomas Lincoln
Charles Lincoln
Lovina O'Neill daughter of Thomas and Nancy Ann Lee O'Neill born Sept. 25, 1825 married Lafayette Eggleston March 13, 1851,  4 children.
Mattie Eggleston born ? ; married Benjamin Morse
Lovina Eggleston born? ; married Charles O'Neal
Lafayette Eggleston born? ; married Chaterine Bartlett
Esther Eggleston born? /married Homer Bay
Martha O'Neill daughter of Thomas and Nancy Ann Lee O'Neill born Jan 11,
(still in the process of updating information as of June 2009)

 First Generation Henry O'Neill:
Husband: Henry O'Neill
Born: May 26, 1753  Ulster, Ireland
Married in Ireland
Died: February 6, 1829    buried: O'Neill Cemetery Starr, Hocking County OH
Wife: Nancy Lee O'Neill
Born: 1751  in Ireland
Married in Ireland
Died. January 20, 1831  now rests O'Neill Cemetery Starr Hocking County, OH

James O'Neill  Born: December 31 1776 in Ireland
Stiles O'Neill Born 1780 in Ireland
John O'Neill Born April 22, 1785 in Ireland
Charles O'Neill Born 1790 in Ireland
Martha O'Neill Born ?  in ?
Margaret O'Neill Born ? in ?
Jane O'Neill Born ? in ?
Thomas O'Neill Born: June 10, 1792 in PA
This family came to Rootstown,OH in 1802
(Updated by Elizabeth O'Neil  December 25, 1996)


 Second Generation:
Husband: John O'Neill
Born April 22, 1785 in Ireland
Married: April 19, 1810 in Rootstown,OH
Died July 31, 1860 rests: Homeland Cemetery Rootstown,OH Portage County OH
Father: Henry O'Neill  / Mother Nancy Lee O'Neill
Wife: Abigail Chapman
Born: August 6, 1790 in Bolton Conn
Died: April 20, 1860  rests in Rootstown OH
Married: April 19, 1810 in Rootstown,OH
Father: Nathan Chapman
Mother: Lois Ely Chapman

Maria: Born Jan 19, 1807
Henry: Born September 29, 1810 in Hocking County OH
Nancy: Born: Feb 14, 1813
Thomas: Born June 24, 1815
Lois: Born March 17,  1818
Francis: Born Dec. 17, 1818
Lewis: Born June 9, 1823
Almena: Born December 28, 1825
John: Born Feb 25, 1831
Harriet Matilda Born: Dec. 27, 1833
Marilla Born Dec 23, 1824
Infant Son: Born & Died in 1828
Infant Daughter Born & Died in 1829

 Third Generation:

Husband: John O'Neill

Born: Feb 25, 1831

Married: Dec. 25, 1864 in Portage County

Died: Nov. 29, 1913 rests Maple Grove Cemetery Ravenna, OH (Portage County OH)

Father: John O'Neill / Mother: Abigail Chapman O'Neill

Wife: Susanna Elliot O'Neill

Born: 1844

Married: Dec 25 1864

Died: August 23, 1917 rests Maple Grove Cemetery, Ravenna, OH


Emma Mandy: Born December 30, 1865 in Richfield, OH

Lois Mary: Born Sept. 10, 1870 in Richfield, OH in "same"

George Francis: Born Sept 27, 1874 in "same"

John Lewis Born April 8, 1878 in "same"

Albert Elmer Born: October 20, 1889 in "same"

Otis Webster Born: August 27, 1884 in "same"

Myrtle May Born: April 8, 1886 in "same" Died 1 year old in1887

Walter Roswell Husband Died 1950, Clarence Roswell, Son died 1945 Maple Grove

Emma Amanda Roswell Died in 1887 Buried in Maple Grove

Lois Mary Tate Died 1967 Buried in Tarpon Springs, FL Feb. 7 1967

Otis Webster Died 1971 Buried in Clearwater, FL October 21, 1971 (picture Otis, Margaret and Lois Mary Tate all of Florida)

(Wife Pansy #1 died 1973 buried?)

Margaret Wife #2 Died 1974 Buried in Unadilla, FL with first husband.

Myrtle M. Died 1887 Maple Grove Cemetery

Albert E Died 1953 Maple Grove Centaury

Albert Wife Susanna Thiess died Sept. 27, 1938 Buried with first husband "Amish"

John Lewis Died Feb. 1952 Maple Grove Cemetery

John's wife Rose Palm Died October 1954 Maple Grove

George Francis Died 1953 Maple Grove Ravenna, OH

George Wife Mary Magdalene Carpenter O'Neill Died 1965 Maple Grove, Ravenna, OH

 Forth Generation:
(Pictured: L to R  Earl Otis O'Neill (6 FT & 11 IN TALL), George Francis O'Neill, Robert Frank O'Neil, George John O'Neil.)
Husband: George Francis O'Neill
Born: Sept. 27, 1874 Richfield OH
Married: Feb 16 1903 in Portage County OH
Died July 15, 1963 in Maple Grove Cemetery Ravenna,OH
Father:John O'Neill
Mother: Susanna Elliot O'Neill
Wife: Mary Magdalene Carpenter O'Neill
Born: Feb. 16, 1885 in Madison, VA
Married: Feb 16, 1903 in Portage County
Died Jan 16, 1965 in Maple Grove Cemetery Ravenna,OH
Father: George Carpenter Madison,VA
Mother: Mary Weaver - Carpenter  Madison,VA
 Fifth Generation Children of George and Mary O'Neill

Husband: Earl Otis O'Neill
Born: Sept, 9 1904
Married: Aug 10 1933
Died: Jan 19, 1981 buried Maple Grove Cemetery Ravenna, OH
Father: George Francis O'Neill
Mother: Mary Magdaline Carpenter

Wife: Elizabeth Amanda Huffman Moser #1
Born: April 12, 1886 in Ravenna, OH
Married: Aug 10, 1933 in Ravenna, Oh
Died: Jan 16 1973 buried in Evergreen Cemetery. Streetsboro, OH
No Children

Wife: Aldene Pickle Sparrow #2 Born Sept. 8, 1909 in Portage Co. OH Married: May 28, 1975 in Ravenna, Oh Died:
Father: Doctor Pickle
Mother: Hattie Pickle
No Children

Wife: Anna Vietta O'Neill
Born: July 24, 1907 in Ravenna, OH
Married: December 19, 1925 in Portage Co.
Died: 2003  Burial Park Cemetery Garrettsville OH  Section G Row 16
Father: George Francis O'Neill
Mother: Mary Magdaline Carpenter  

Husband: Glenn S. Lewis
Born: June 6 1903 in Streetsboro, OH
Married: December 19, 1925 in Portage co
Died Jan 16, 1969 buried in Park Cemetery. Garrettsville, Oh
Father: Frank Elmer Lewis
Mother: Bessie Corbitt Lewis
2 Children 6th Generation:
Helen Eileen Born July 22, 1936 in Blackhorse, Portage Co.
Husband: Kendall Manlove
Born: September 13, 1922 in Portage CO. OH
Married: Jan 31, 1947 in Hiram OH
Died: December 27, 2009
Father: Harold Dennis
Mother: Gladys Virginia Kendall

Wife: Helen Eileen Lewis
Born: July 22, 1936 in Portage Co. OH
Married: Jan 31 1947 in Hiram Portage Co. OH
Father: Glenn S. Lewis
Mother: Anna O'Neill
(3 Children 7th Generation Mark Manlove, Gail (Paul) Rumsey of New York, Carol (Herb) Snider of Toledo)

Husband: Mark Manlove
Born July 10, 1949 in Portage co.
Married: June 5, 1971 in Portage Co.
Died: Feb 11 2009 in Garrettsville OH (He was born July 10, 1949, in Ravenna, a son of Kendall and Helen Lewis Manlove. Mr. Manlove was Village Solicitor for Garrettsville and Windham and was a member of the James A. Garfield School Board of Education, Nelson Township Zoning Board and was on the Central Committee for the Portage County Democratic Party.  Survivors include his parents; his wife, Rosalice McDowell Manlove; a son, Kendall L. Manlove of Kyoto, Japan; a daughter, Ashley E. Manlove of Boston; and two sisters, Gail Rumsey of Naples, N.Y., and Carol Snider of Toledo.  Private church services will be held. Friends may call from 4 to 8 p.m. Tuesday at Mallory-DeHaven-Carlson Funeral Home & Cremation Services. Burial will be in Park Cemetery.)
Father: Kendall Mark Manlove
Mother: Helen E. Lewis Manlove
Wife: Rose Alice McDowell
Born:  in Portage Co.
Married: June 5 1971 in Portage co.
Father: William McDowell
Mother: Ann McDowel

Dorothy Irene Born July 2, 1930 in Blackhorse Portage Co.
Wife: Dorothy Irene Lewis
Born: July 2, 1930 in
Married: March 18, 1949 in Portage Co. Burial Park Cemetery Garrettsville OH Sec. G Row 16
Died: Feb 13 2007
Father: Glenn S. Lewis
Mother: Anna V. O'Neill-Lewis
Husband: Robert L. Williamson (ROBERT L. WILLIAMSON "Then & Now" I was born in Sisterville, WV on January 21, 1927. I had two brothers and 3 sisters. My father died when I was very young leaving my mother to raise 6 children. Three years later she married a man with 7 children of his own. When the war came along, two of his boys and my two brothers went into the army. My mother saw to it that we received our religious upbringing early. She was a Sunday School teacher and we attended Sunday School and church and she made sure that we all graduated. After I graduated from Tyler County High in 1945, I joined the Army and served on Wake Island, Corregidor and Manila in the Phillipines for two years.  Returning home from the service there was no employment to be found in WV, my brother, living in Ravenna, and attending Kent State encouraged me to come to Ohio to find a job. This I did, and in 1947 I met Dorothy at the Armory Skating Rink in Ravenna and we married in March 1949.  After graduating from National Radio & Electronics, I operated my own store, Bob's Radio and TV for 10 years, 2 years in Ravenna and 8 years from the back of our garage at our home. I also attended Akron University and Kent State. Took some Dale Carnegie courses and got a Real Estate License and worked as a salesman for Sitko Realty, B. Jennings Realty, June Harvey Realty, Combs & Company Realty and GoldFire Realty. During this same time, I was employed by Lamson & Sessions in Kent for 19 years, then I went to Zagar, Inc., in Cleveland for 16 years working as a Marketing Manager. I also served as the Zoning Inspector for the Village of Garrettsville, We have one daughter, Dianne Bradfield (Ben Ciancio), who lives in Ravenna and recently retired from Kent State University.  I am a past member of the Garrettsville Chamber of Commerce, the Hiram-Garrettsville Rotary Club, Garrettsville Jaycees and was president of the Squarenaders in 1962-63. A member of the Elks in Ravenna, VFW, Masonic Lodge #246 Garrettsville, Society of Manufacturing Engineers in Cleveland, Akron Board of Realtors, the United Methodist Church, and the Parade Master in Garrettsville for 10 years.  My mother died of cancer in 1976 and was a great inspiration in my life. My beloved wife Dorothy, my brothers, Bill and Ralph, my sisters JoAnn Tarman, Evelyn Andrews and Patty Hoffstetter and son-in-law Gary Bradfield all proceeded me in death.  I loved being an usher at church where I got to meet, greet and serve the people, also teaching young boys to become Acolytes and get involved in the church. I always enjoyed loving, sharing, caring and helping other people, which was always a goal I had set for myself in my life. After my retirement I enjoyed delivering my homemade peanut butter cookies, homemade fudge, German chocolate cake, and banana nut bread to family and friends.  Please join my beloved daughter Dianne at Calling hours from 4-8 PM on Tuesday, April 23, 2013 at Mallory-DeHaven-Carlson Funeral Home & Cremation Services, 8382 Center St., Garrettsville, OH 44231, with a Masonic Service at 5:30PM. Funeral services will be at 11 AM on Wednesday with visitation 1 hour prior 10-11AM at the Garrettsville United Methodist Church, with Rev. Kris Patt, Rev. Fred Bell and Rev. John Wolfe officiating. Burial will follow at Park Cemetery, Garrettsville with Military Honors. Family suggests contributions may be made to the Garrettsville UMC, 8223 Park Ave., Garrettsville, Ohio 44231. On line condolences at www.carlsonfuneralhomes.com. )
Born: Jan 21, 1937 in Sisterville, WV
Married: March 18, 1949 in Portage Co.
Died: April 21 2013
Father: William E Williamson
Mother: Essie Smith Williamson
One Child: Dianna in Ravenna OH

Wife: Mary Lois O'Neill
Born: September 23, 1910 in Ravenna, OH
Married: June 27, 1928 in Ravenna, OH
Father George Francis O'Neill
Mother: Mary Magdaline Carpenter
Died: January 4, 1997 buried in Maple Grove Cemetery Ravenna, OH

Husband: Paul Leroy Jennings
Born: August 6, 1909 in Ravenna, OH
Married: June 27, 1928 in Ravenna, OH
Died: November 30, 1982 buried Maple Grove Cemetery Ravenna, OH
Father: Lewis Bartlett Jennings
Mother: Clara Jennings
2 Children:
Gordon Leroy  Born: June 7, 1930 in Portage Co.
Norman Franklin Born January 5 1945 in Portage Co.
Husband: Gordon Leroy Jennings
Born: June 7, 1930 in Ravenna, OH
Married: April 9, 1950 in Portage Co.
Died: ?
Father: Paul Leroy Jennings
Mother: Mary Lois O'Neill Jennings

Wife: Martha Virginia Bancroft
Born: Feb. 3, 1934 in Georgia
Married: April 9, 1950 in Portage Co. OH
Father: Barnes Bancroft
Mother: Ruth Bancroft
Children:   Gordon LeRoy Jr., Lauren Virginia  , Paul Edward  and Beverly Ann

Husband: Norman Franklin Jennings
Born: January 5, 1934 in Portage Co.
Father: Paul LeRoy Jennings
Mother: Mary Lois O'Neill Jennings

Wife: Betty Seaton
Born:   in Portage co.
Married:  February 6, 1955 in Portage co.
Father: Grant Seaton
Mother: Myrna Fritz Seaton
2 Children:  Jan born in Florida , Lynn born in Portage Co.

Bertha Mae O'Neill: Born March 25, 1913 Died:Sept 24, 1985 buried Maple Grove
Husband: Elroy Melvin Henderson Born: May 24, 1905, Died Nov. 13, 1991 Maple Grove  Father: Harry W. Henderson, Mother: Maude Henderson   (No Children)

Husband: Robert Frank O'Neil (had L removed from name)
Born: September 2 1916 in Ravenna, OH
Married: January 13, 1940 in Ravenna, OH
Died: June 19, 1976 buried in Maple Grove Cemetery (Past Governor Ravenna Lodge 1234 Loyal Order Of Moose, Ran for office of Portage County Commissioner, Worked at Lampson & Sessions)
Father: George Francis O'Neill
Mother: Mary Magdalene Carpenter O'Neill
#1 Wife of Robert F O'Neil: Louise Alice Wilson - O'Neil Born Nov. 1921, Died: March 30, 1982 buried Maple Grove, Father: Leonard Wilson, Mother: Alice Wilson, Grandparents: Winfield & Jeanette Wilson (burial Maple Grove Cemetery with Parents and Grandparents) :Louise had  1 brother Leonard Wilson died in California.
( 4 children 6th Generation Robert, John, William and Katherine O'Neill Pictured below when children  L to R Billy, Johnny, Bobby and Kathy)

William R O'Neil Born: October 18, 1943 Died: December 14, 2011 Kent OH (He was born October 18, 1943 in Ravenna to Robert and Louise (Wilson) O'Neil. He was a 1962 graduate of Ravenna High School and President and member of the Canadian Club, the Tadmor Shrine, American Legion and VFW.  William owned and operated O'Neil Trucking and O'Neil's Drive Thru in Kent. He loved to ride his Harley and participate in car shows with his "one-owner" 1970 Duster.  He is survived by his wife, Sandra Kay (Wilson) O'Neil; children, Timothy (Kristen) O'Neil of Hudson, Kathleen O'Neil of Cleveland, and William C. (Kelly) O'Neil of Green; grandchildren, Jack, Christian, and Noah; step-daughters, Shonnie (Shawn) Listin of Ravenna and Melissa (Rob) Annen of Cleveland; and step-grandchildren, Victoria, Samuel, Henry, Gabriel, and Isaac. )

John Winfield O’Neill – Riverside, CA Date of Birth   01-08-1942 Date of Death   05-22-2012  No children, Never Married.
( Graduate of Ravenna High School Burial Location   Riverside National Cemetery 22495 VAN BUREN BOULEVARD Riverside, CA 92518  951-653-8417 Plot Information  Section 62F Site 659 Deployments  Vietnam)  

#2 Wife of Robert F O'Neil
Elizabeth O'Neil Born: Feb. 15, 1919 Died: June 22, 2006 buried Maple Grove, Father: Sebastian (Steve) Herr, Mother: Mary Tereza Scuster  Sister Mary Alexander died (Warren, OH) (Robert O'Neil and Elizabeth O'Neil  adopted 2 children Tina O'Neil & Edward O'Neil- children of Katherine O'Neill Robert O'Neil's daughter)
(This website is dedicated to Elizabeth for all her research of Henry O'Neill and Nancy Lee O'Neill Family History.  Elizabeth enjoyed being a memeber of the Portage County Historical Society in Ravenna OH)  

William Henry O'Neill Born: March 20, 1919 - February 20, 2012 (William H. O'Neill 92  of Ravenna died Monday, February 20, 2012. He was born March 20, 1919 in Ravenna to George and Mary (Carpenter) O'Neill. A proud US Army WWII veteran, life member of the Ravenna Moose #1234, lifelong resident of Ravenna and he retired from Lampson & Sessions where he was a foreman. He was preceded in death by his parents, wife Betty Jean (Northcott) and companion Ernestine Koontz.  He was brother to John O'Neill of Fl, the loving father of  Margaret (David) Loudon of Washington, Cynthia (Charles) Tasker of Ravenna, Karen (Bruce) Null of Ravenna and Suzanne (Mark) Morrison of FL, loving  grandfather of 9, great grandfather of 13. Calling hours will be from 10 AM to time of services at 12 PM Saturday, February 25, 2012 at Shorts Spicer Crislip Funeral Home Ravenna Chapel. Ravenna Moose Lodge services at 11:45 AM Saturday. Reverend William Snyder will officiate. Burial will follow in Maple Grove Cemetery in Ravenna. The family is greatful for the support from the staff of Coleman Adult Day Services and Hospice. In lieu of flowers the family request memorials to the Ravenna Moose, Coleman Adult Day Service or Crossroads Hospice.)
(Wife: Betty Jean Northcott:Born: Dec, 20, 1923,  died August 13, 1987 buried Maple Grove Father: Roy Northcott, Mother: Florence Sapp-Northcott) (4 children )

George John O'Neil Born: 1923 - still living
(Wife: Jane MacNeal Born: March 22, 1927  Died March 26, 2007 buried Clearwater,FL  (Zephyrhills - Jane M O'Neill, 80, of Zephyrhills, FL., passed away 3/26/2007. She was born 3/22/1927 in Clearwater, FL. She was the owner and operator of BJ Liquors in Clearwater, FL. Jane was a huge NASCAR fan and animal lover, especially her loving cat "Spike" and beloved dog, "Squirt". She is survived by her loving family including her husband John O'Neill of Zephyrhills, FL; son, Tim (Susan) O'Neill of Ocala, FL., daughter GiGi (David) McQueary of Plant City, FL., sister Mary Ann Renninger of Spring Hope, NC., and one grandson, Tucker O'Neill of Ocala, FL. A memorial service will be held at 10AM, Saturday, 4/7/2007 at Hodges Family Funeral Home, State Rte 54. Rev Randall Belcher will officiate.)
 (2 living children)
George Infant died July 3, 1930 (Maple Grove Cemetery)
Baby buried June 1928 (Maple Grove Cemetery)

Lumber Liquidators
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